Dear customers

welcome on website of truly czech stock company COLSYS–AUTOMATIK, a.s.
Our company provides from year 1993 engineering services on field of automatization in Czech Republic and abroad too. More about our company…

Integrated System for Energy Management (ISEM)

Our company delivers engineering designs, data concentrators and measuring device to centralize relevant process data via network and wireless links. Data come from electricity meters, water meters, calorimeters, gasometers and themometers mainly.

Communication and bus in industry

We design and deliver complete industrial redundant networks. We use in our projets Hirsmann and WACO components mainly.We use optical and metalic cabling in most cases complemented by wireless links.

Industry automation

We deliver compelete solutions using Siemens and AMIT programmable logic controllers, Control-WEB SCADA system, and measuring device according to aur own engineering design.